"Almost all the miseries of life, almost all the wickedness that infects society, and almost all the distresses that afflict mankind, are the consequences of some defect in private duties. Likewise, all the joys of this world may be attributed to the happiness of hearth and home."

—Samuel Johnson
1709-1784, who himself overcame much adversity in his life

bring back the family meal

Start a cooperative adventure with parents, children, friends and neighbors sharing the work in creating weekly dinners. Sitting down four nights a week is a simple solution to many of our family problems, both large and small.

why co-op cook?

Eating dinner with our children is very important – time to catch up together, eat a home-cooked meal and celebrate the day. Memories are made for the whole family. But there are lots of other good reasons to co-op cook:
  • Co-op meals save 50% to 70% over the cost of fast food – you eat out less, use less convenience foods and save money
  • you get better nutrition at less cost by buying in quantity
  • try new foods and recipes for more variety in your meals – more fruits and vegetables and types of foods
  • it will save you time, money and stress of having to come up with dinner every night
  • you have more time to cook creatively

how do I get started?  

My DVD “If it's Tuesday ... it’s my night to cook” helps you visualize the possibilities of getting together to plan, cook and deliver family meals with your own cooking co-op, all in video form ... a picture is worth a thousand words.

Attention reluctant cooks like me (I like to cook, just not every night). One night of creative cooking a week is perfect for me. Cook a single night and receive three stress-free nights of meals. After one month, you won't be able to go back to the old haphazard way of getting dinner on your table.